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Creating a child visitation schedule

Property division and child custody and visitation issues are some of the top items a couple needs to work out in their divorce arrangement. Maryland residents who are going through a divorce may want to think about their child visitation policy and how best to arrange one for their children.

Although when a couple gets married they expect they will be married forever, unfortunately many marriages end up in divorce. Many times these couples have children and child custody and visitation arrangements are an important part of the divorce settlement. Creating a child visitation schedule starts with a foundation that has a basic repeating cycle.

The visitation schedule depends on the type of custody each parent has. There can be a joint custody or a sole custody arrangement. First, a regular visitation schedule is written down for a few weeks until there is repetition. This will be the regular schedule which can be a four-week schedule or a two-week schedule for parents who alternate weeks. Next, parents need to work holidays into the visitation schedule. A list of all holidays that should be included in the schedule should be made and when they start and end. Both parents should have the same amount of holiday days and alternating the same holidays between years can be a good idea. A holiday schedule takes precedence over the repeating schedule.

Special events and vacations should also be added into the calendar. Special event is any time where normal custody routine changes. One example is if a child has a sport which requires them to be with one parent during a season or a vacation a parent may want to take a child on. A legal professional who specializes in divorce can help their client create a child visitation arrangement that works for their family and is in the child’s best interest.

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