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Accident in Maryland results in two fatalities

Our readers in Maryland know that, unfortunately, fatal motor vehicle accidents are all too common in America. The causes of these crashes vary, from drunk driving to distracted driving and even just plain speeding, among many other potential causes. Fatal motor vehicle accidents are oftentimes preventable tragedies.

In a recent fatal motor vehicle collision that occurred in Maryland, the cause was not immediately clear. According to recent reports, the collision occurred on July 27 around 7:30am near Bel Alton on Crain Highway. The reports indicate that a GMC Yukon slammed into the rear of a Toyota Corolla. It appears that there were two passengers in the Toyota in addition to the driver. Both passengers died in the collision, and the driver of the Toyota was transported for medical treatment. The driver of the Yukon, a 31-year-old man, was also injured in the collision and needed to be transported for medical treatment as well.

Any time that a rear-end collision occurs, fault is almost always assumed to be directed at the person who was driving the vehicle in behind. That very well may be the case in this recent incident as well, although the initial reports indicate that an investigation is underway. What was initially reported, however, was that no type of impairment was believed to be involved in the collision. That could direct the investigation more toward distracted driving or other moving violations as the cause of the crash.

These types of deadly collisions can leave families devastated. Injured victims and the survivors of those who died in the crash may have legal options.

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