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Birdnesting: A rotating parental custody schedule

For parents, figuring out a child custody schedule can be difficult. When do the children live with you after the divorce? When do they live with your ex? How do you make the transfer of custody? Is it possible to fit this complex schedule into your own busy lives?

You also want to think about what it does to the children. Are they stressed out about having to move? Do they have to switch schools? Will they lose their friends in the neighborhood? These may feel like secondary concerns to you, as a parent, but they’re big for your kids.

One slightly controversial and yet very interesting solution to the issue is known as birdnesting. It creates a rotating schedule, but it is the parents who do the rotating, not the children. The children all live together in the same house and don’t have to move at all. The parents, meanwhile, set up days when they can switch who lives in the home with the kids.

This is a very good solution for many children, though parents can face challenges. Cooperation is imperative. You and your ex will still be sharing the home in many ways, even if you’re not living there together. You have to see each other all the time. You also need a second place to live when your ex is with your children.

You may decide that birdnesting is not for you. Or, on the other hand, maybe it sounds like the brilliant solution you’ve been seeking. Either way, you can see how important it is to know what options you have.

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