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Complex issues that will deadlock a divorce

Occasionally, a couple will make a mutual decision to get a divorce, and be able to navigate through the process cordially.  They are still able to address one another cordially and respectfully, and may even already have a settlement agreement drafted before meeting with an attorney.  However, as pleasant as it might be to have every divorce proceed in this manner, the reality of these situations occurring can best be described as slim to none.

More often than not, especially in divorces where there are a significant amount of valuable assets to be divided, the claws come out with a vengeance.  Parties are ready to fight for what they believe belongs to them. This can mean going to battle over things such as the marital residence, other valuable real estate such as vacation or rental properties, businesses, valuable artwork or collections, or even expensive jewelry and family heirlooms.

Disputes over valuable items such as these have the potential to completely deadlock divorce negotiations, and force a Judge to make the final decision as to which spouse maintains which assets. When negotiations reach a courtroom, it is highly recommended that you do not enter the courtroom alone.

An experienced and aggressive divorce attorney can be your greatest ally in a contested divorce.  He or she can make sure that you are treated fairly and not bullied into accepting a biased settlement agreement. Any divorce is stressful, but a contested divorce can be the worst.  Consult with someone who will aggressively fight for you and protect your best interests during a time when it may be difficult for you to think clearly on your own.

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