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Discussing your divorce case with your minor children

For many couples in Maryland who are ending their marriages, the toughest part of all is discussing the split with minor children. After all, no matter how you feel about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, the reality is that the two of you will always be connected by the children you share. When the children are minors, you’ll need to work together to raise the kids, even though the marriage has ended. Discussing your divorce case with your minor children can be difficult.

Fortunately, a recent news article pointed to a few tips for parents in Maryland who find themselves in this delicate situation. For starters, there is the most obvious question: how should you tell the kids about the divorce? Well, the recent article noted that it is important to attempt to coordinate this crucial discussion with the spouse you are divorcing. Focus on the kids in this conversation – not on the acrimony that may have arisen in married life.

What if you have kids of varying age? The recent news article recommends against having separate conversations with each child to inform them of the divorce separately, and instead points toward the benefits of a whole-family discussion for breaking the news. This way, each child finds out at the same time. If separate conversations are needed afterward, that may be beneficial. Lastly, the recent article discussed how to plan post-divorce life with the needs of the children in mind. Talking with the kids about what life will look like after the divorce case is over can help prepare them for the changes that are certain to occur.

Each divorce case is unique, and the impact of any given divorce case will vary depending on the family involved. When divorcing parents keep the goals of the divorce case in mind, they will likely serve their children’s needs better in the long-term.

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