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What parents should do if they need a post-divorce modification

Sometimes a child custody arrangement that parents had at the end of the divorce is no longer workable or one parent needs to seek a child support modification following their divorce. The family law process provides tools to help divorcing couples seeking post-divorce modifications.

Divorced spouses should know what to do when they are seeking a post-divorce modification for child support or child custody. A child support modification or child custody modification may be made based on a significant change in circumstances and parents should be familiar with the various steps to navigate the process:

  • Parents should act promptly once they know a child support modification or child custody modification is needed.
  • Parents can seek a child support modification or child custody modification from the family law court but are also encouraged to work together to reach an agreement whenever possible.
  • Either parent can request a child support modification or child custody modification.
  • Parents should know how to document a significant change in circumstances. A significant change in circumstances can include a change in employment, marital status or a parental relocation.
  • Parents need to continue to follow any existing child support order or child custody arrangement until any change is approved and made official by the family law court.

The divorce process can be emotionally challenging as divorcing couples resolve child custody and child support concerns. Following the divorce, parents may find that their child custody arrangement or child support order needs to be modified which is why they should be familiar with how the family law process may be able to help them with the changes they need as life changes following a divorce.

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