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What do you know about proving fault in a car accident?

After your recent car accident in Maryland, you learned that you suffered a personal injury. How do you prove that the other driver bears responsibility for the incident?

News 9 offers tips on proving fault in an auto accident. Learn how to build a case and recover the compensation that you legally deserve.

Do not admit fault

Hopefully, you did not admit fault during the accident’s immediate aftermath. Continue doing so if the other driver or her or his insurance provider contacts you.

Get a copy of the police report

If the police arrived on the scene of the collision to create an accident report, get a copy of the document ASAP. Look over the report to ensure its accuracy before using it to prove fault.

Gather evidence

You may already have images of the damage taken at the scene of the accident. If not, you can still document the damage your vehicle sustained. Paired with the police report, your images can help determine the responsible party. If the accident happened recently, you may still snap images of the scene. Focus on getting pictures of nearby street signs, cameras that may have recorded the accident and the road itself where the collision took place. You may already have witness statements that can help you.

Look into local traffic laws

Local traffic laws can help support your claim that the other driver is the at-fault party. Speed limits, following distance regulations and whether your area has laws on distracted driving can help your case. You may need a legal professional’s help in researching and understanding laws.

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