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Consider a doctor’s visit after any accident

When you are in a car accident, a lot of things happen all at once — including your fight or flight response. This helps you concentrate away from pain, which is a useful trait in the immediate aftermath when the scene of an accident requires action.

After the accident, you may feel sore. That soreness might inspire you to either go to the hospital for a check-up or go home to put your feet up. Many people consider the combined cost of the unexpected accident and a medical visit to be too stressful and insist on walking it off.

Unfortunately, not all injuries are clearly noticeable and a medical visit may be the best way to identify hidden injuries.

Hidden injuries to look out for

As the Tulsa Accident Care Center describes, even minor accidents transfer significant force through your body. Even if you did not break bones, you might have suffered internal damage.

This sort of damage includes soft tissue injuries around your joints like your wrists, shoulders and knees that may manifest after a delayed response. Other injuries to your back, neck and brain may cause fatigue and aches for weeks or months.

Hidden costs to recovery

A doctor may help with a consultation. They may recommend pharmaceutical drugs to help ease the pain or physical therapy to work on strengthening your damaged muscles and tissues.

All this comes with medical bills that insurance may or may not choose to cover. In an accident due to neglect in any way, there may be options to recover the costs related to your recovery.

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