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How to find hidden assets during a divorce

Suppose you are approaching the asset separation portion of your divorce. In that case, you should understand that nearly everything you and your spouse acquired during your marriage is a shared asset, meaning you each own a portion of it. In high-asset divorces, a spouse may be more inclined to hide some of these shared assets to keep them to themselves after the divorce.

There are a lot of things people should understand about divorce and asset division. If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, you should also know how to find them. Here are a few tips to finding these assets:

Searching public records

A spouse can hide assets by developing an alias to hold onto assets. You can search through public records to find these aliases, which can be instrumental in bringing hidden money to light in your property division.

Checking storage

Another method a person can hide assets is by physically hoarding money. Whether it is by purchasing prepaid gift cards and storing them in the back of a shoebox, stockpiling precious metals like gold and silver, or even withdrawing small amounts of cash over time and squirreling it away somewhere like a storage facility, your spouse may have found a way to hide your money in plain sight.

Consult with an attorney

A skilled divorce attorney knows the tricks that spouses often use to hide income during a divorce. Going through a divorce on your own can mean risking an outcome that does not reflect your best interests and leaves you with less than you deserve. Let a lawyer use their knowledge to and experience to secure the results you deserve, instead of hoping you found everything your spouse was hiding.


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