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Divorce, your reputation and your future

The turbulence of a divorce may disrupt your life in many ways including financially, emotionally and physically. Approaching your split with an awareness of your risks can help you set boundaries to protect yourself.

Given the seriousness of a divorce, one irrational decision on your part could shatter your reputation. Carrying yourself with integrity can help you preserve your image and prepare for a successful future.

Financial wealth

Perhaps the most commonly known repercussion of divorce is its impact on your finances. In fact, for females, this reality could be even more detrimental. According to The United States Census Bureau, 20% of divorced women experience poverty compared with 11% of men. An immediate effort to suspend joint accounts, establish personal credit and create a new budget can help you minimize risks.

Despite your frustration, handle the financial affairs of your divorce with integrity and ethical conduct. Refrain from hiding assets, lying about financial records or emptying joint accounts. Follow the lead of your attorney to make strategic and wise decisions that can help you keep your dignity while protecting your rights.

Personal growth

While divorce often gets a bad rap, when leveraged the right way, it can provide you with an opportunity to start over. Look at the lessons your marriage taught you and identify changes you want to make to prevent future problems. Implement boundaries to protect yourself. Act uprightly in court, even if you feel angry with your ex. Your ability to see your divorce as an opportunity for personal growth can show your former partner that you plan to move right along.

A good attorney can help you make the best decisions considering your circumstances. With reliable guidance, you can hold your head high and feel proud of your effort. With a good handle on your finances and a commitment to ethical conduct, you can make goals for an exciting future.

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