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Adapting to a single income after your divorce

Your divorce may disrupt a lot of your future plans, but with some work, you can overcome the challenges and still live a successful life. Adapting to a single income might be one of those challenges you face.

Contrary to what many people think, divorce has financial benefits. Knowing how to shift your finances from a shared income could provide ideas for how to proceed.

Overhaul your budget

Budgeting is an excellent way to see what money you have and where it goes. Start with an exhaustive list of your financial obligations. Write down how much income you have and where it comes from. Determine how much money you can reasonably save over a given time.

Immediately following your divorce, you may encounter some difficulty as you take over financial responsibilities. During this time, your decision to live conservatively could loosen up some of the strain you feel. For example, minimize eating out or temporarily drop cable. With commitment and time, you can optimize the independence that comes from your divorce and establish a fine-tuned budget.

Update your vision

Your vision of the future now may look a lot different than it did when you were still married. According to Discover, consider your priorities and your goals for the future. Determine which changes you need to make to achieve the goals you have set. Decide how you will celebrate the accomplishments you make. Involve your family and friends in your goals so you have some accountability.


A divorce can impact your life, no doubt. However, when leveraged the right way, your split could enable you to take back control of your finances, enjoy tax benefits and gain early access to your retirement accounts among other advantages. The sooner you overhaul your budget and update your vision for the future, the quicker you can put your divorce behind you.

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