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What do traumatic brain injuries look like?

After suffering from a blow to the head, it is likely that you will also suffer from trauma to the brain. Traumatic brain injuries – TBIs – can have numerous impacts on a victim’s life.

What exactly do they look like when they first manifest, though? How can you tell if a loved one has suffered from a TBI?

Moderate and severe TBIs

Medline Plus discusses trauma to the brain. Generally speaking, TBIs are severe or moderate in nature. Though mild brain injuries may occur as well, they have their own set of symptoms and do not get referred to as traumatic brain injuries.

Moderate TBIs often result in confusion, panic, memory loss or alteration, and physical pain. Victims may lose their sense of balance, or experience head pain that could worsen over time.

Severe TBIs often reflect similar symptoms but to a more severe degree. For example, the head pain could end up crippling to the point that a victim can no longer function. It is also possible for people suffering from severe brain injury to fall into a coma.

Cerebrospinal fluid leaks

Clear fluid may also drain from the nose or ears. This is cerebrospinal fluid, which surrounds the brain inside of the skull cavity. Seeing it leaking out almost certainly indicates severe trauma which requires immediate medical intervention and attention.

It is important for a victim to get immediate medical attention in either case. A doctor is the only person who can tell with certainty what is happening in a victim’s head and get the help they need in time to prevent permanent damages.

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