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What are some signs of spinal cord injuries?

When you start to notice your mental health and body changing after an accident, you may think about the possible source of these pains and struggles.

Knowing more about spinal cord injuries may help you understand why you feel bad and what to do next.

Coughing and secretions

According to the Mayo Clinic, problems with pain in your lungs and continual coughing could be warning signs that something is wrong with your spinal cord. You may find that your back aches more than usual. When coughing, you could notice various secretions coming from your lungs and making it hard to breathe normally.

Bowel issues

When trying to urinate, you may realize that you cannot fully feel your bladder or how full it is. In the time after a spinal cord injury, you could lose feeling in your bowels and bladder. This could lead to an increase in bladder stones or infections.

Lack of touch sensitivity

Noticing when a surface is hot or cold is important to keep you from harming yourself. After a spinal cord injury, you may not have the ability to tell just by touch how hot a surface is. This lack of sensitivity can confuse you at first since you can also struggle to notice cuts or sores on your skin.

Weakness and tiredness

When you fall over more and cannot stay upright as much, the source of this problem could come from a spinal cord injury. Increased fatigue and incoordination may impair how well you walk or move about in your daily life.

Staying aware of how spinal cord trauma can hurt your quality of life can help you after an accident or collision.

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