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Wind and the risk of a traffic crash

Weather can cause traffic collisions in various ways, and you should familiarize yourself with the risks associated with wind. Although many drivers recognize that rain, snow, ice and fog cause a lot of collisions, you should keep in mind that strong winds also present multiple risk factors.

In some instances, it is best to avoid driving until the weather improves. However, weather conditions can worsen suddenly, and some drivers find themselves caught off guard. You should always remain vigilant behind the wheel and exercise caution if you drive while it is very windy.

Wind and traffic collision risk factors

The Federal Highway Administration sheds light on different ways that strong winds can result in traffic collisions. For example, wind can cause lanes to become obstructed because of debris blown onto the road and snow drifts. Furthermore, wind can result in poor visibility, blowing smoke, snow and dust that interferes with a driver’s ability to see the road well. Wind can also negatively affect vehicles in terms of stability.

Driver negligence during windy weather conditions

Negligent driving also causes many serious collisions, and reckless behavior behind the wheel becomes even more dangerous when weather conditions deteriorate. For example, if a driver speeds around a sharp turn when visibility is poor, or drives too fast and abruptly swerves to avoid something on the road, they could cause an accident.

Those who disregard traffic safety guidelines and common sense during bad weather must answer for the consequences of a collision. If you face devastating hardships such as pain, immobility, medical bills and other challenges because of another driver’s negligence, you deserve justice.

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