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Can muscular back injuries harm your career?

When people think of back injuries, most will likely think about the severe damage that can happen to the spine and spinal cord.

However, damage to the soft tissue and muscle can actually have an equally severe impact on the victim.

Missing work due to healing

Spine Health examines lower back strain and the impact of pulled back muscles. When dealing with pulled or even torn muscles, the best way to heal is simply to rest. This means refraining from engaging in the activities that caused the initial injury.

Unfortunately, it can take weeks or even months for a back injury to fully recover. This can mean a worker has to miss a long period of their job, which could eventually jeopardize their income or even their position within the company.

Injuries make physical tasks harder

On top of that, when a worker does get to return to the job, they may no longer have the physical capabilities they once did.

Back injuries, especially of the lower back and the muscles there, often result in a person losing the ability to bend, move freely, and lift heavy objects. If their job requires them to do any of these things, it spells trouble.

Unfortunately, back injury sufferers cannot stay seated or standing for long periods of time, either. Most jobs require one or the other, which makes it difficult for a person to get through their shift without taking frequent breaks.

Of course, workers with injuries do have protections under the law. It is important to know these protections so as to avoid something like unlawfully getting fired.

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