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The aftermath of spouses splitting up

Like the tragic loss of a loved one, couples entering a separation or formally filing for divorce go through various stages of grief. Processing the pain and facing an uncertain future takes time. Studies reveal that it can take up to one year to recover somewhat and pursue a new path.

Navigating to that next chapter presents challenges and takes time, particularly for the spouse left behind.

Processing a life-changing event

Regardless of the dysfunctional dynamic that defines a marriage shattering, shock still sets in when a spouse officially moves out. Simply put, the possibility has now become a stark reality. From there, a difficult adjustment period begins. For many, anger and depression take away focus and energy. The fateful day of the moveout is played repeatedly in their heads.

As the months go by, feelings don’t change as much as they evolve. The adage “time heals all wounds” means that they are functioning better and perhaps feel a better sense of control. Instead of hiding in their dwelling, they become more social. Yet, in the back of their mind is the best interests of their children and the pending legal process of marital dissolution.

As time passes and the formalization of the divorce comes closer, one or both spouses could attempt to reconcile, or the arguments could intensify. The day that they go to court to pursue a separation agreement could see a smooth or highly contentious process.

The legal process and emotional aspects of divorce are equally complex. Processing the monumental change takes time. Having an attorney at your side focused on your best interests may not take all the pain of a failed marriage away. However, it does provide the advocacy you need.

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