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What do mediators actually do?

When going through divorce, it is important to know what your options are. Mediation, for example, is a popular alternative to traditional litigation.

Within mediation strategies, a mediator will usually play a crucial role. But what exactly is it that they do?

A mediator’s primary purpose

FINRA discusses the purpose of mediation. Within a dispute situation such as divorce, mediation allows for the arguing parties to work together toward a reasonable and amenable resolution to both individuals.

Of course, even in the most amicable of divorces, arguments will likely crop up during the process of figuring things out. This is where mediators come into play.

A mediator serves as a neutral third-person party that helps couples work through their arguments. Their goal is to guide a couple toward an amiable resolution that both parties find fair and agreeable.

Giving you room to act as you wish

Mediators do not have the legal power of judges or arbitrators. This means they cannot force a couple to go with their decisions or suggestions, leaving a lot of power in the couple’s hands. This serves as a major plus point for many.

The provision of valuable opinions

Mediators still have value in that their opinions come from a unique perspective divorced from any attachment to either party involved. Thus, they often suggest things that the couple may not have ever considered.

On top of that, they have de-escalation skills. This allows them to step in and bring everyone back down if arguments start getting too heated or out of hand during the process, which is a valuable thing to offer.

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