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How can you benefit from a detailed parenting agreement?

While a divorce ends your marriage, if you have children, you still have to maintain a parenting relationship with your former spouse. Even if you feel like you may be on the same page on how to parent your kids, you may still need a detailed parenting agreement.

A parenting agreement is a written agreement between you and your spouse on custody, visitation and other aspects of child-rearing.

Alleviate conflict with a parenting plan

Parents tend to have a better relationship with one another when they both feel involved in raising their children. Coming to an agreement where both of you voice an opinion will feel less like being forced into an agreement by the courts. Each of you will have a say in what matters to you regarding raising your children.

Eliminate confusion with detailed plans

Every parent knows that life does not always go according to plan. What happens if your child surprises you by wanting to join a new extracurricular activity with unexpected fees? What if your family plans a reunion during your ex’s visitation time? A parenting agreement allows you to prepare for the unexpected. The contract should outline what to do if one of the parents cannot pick up the kids or if there is a special event during the other parent’s time.

In the parenting plan, you can detail what happens in these scenarios and describe how you should settle it if you disagree. Agree to discuss and detail what happens if you cannot agree.

If you cannot resolve a conflict with your ex, you can utilize the help of mediation, collaboration or the court system.

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