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What to do when divorcing an uncooperative spouse

Divorcing an uncooperative spouse can be highly distressing. When one person does not want to participate or makes progress difficult, the other partner may feel there is no way out.

Fortunately, there are time-tested strategies for dealing with such personalities. Knowing them should make everything smoother and less taxing.

Understand the spouse’s behavior

Begin by trying to understand why your spouse is being difficult. The person might be angry, scared or in denial about the marriage ending. Recognizing these feelings can help one approach the situation with empathy, which is more likely to generate positive results.

Communicate clearly and unequivocally

Unambiguous communication is fundamental when dealing with an obstinate spouse. Both parties should clearly express what they need and why. All communication is to be respectful and professional. Avoid using emotional language or making accusations, as this can escalate conflicts.

Set boundaries

If the objecting spouse continues to act poorly or in obstructive ways, it might be necessary to limit direct communications. Use other means such as text messages or official letters. Establishing boundaries helps prevent situations where emotional reactions lead to bigger battles.

Prepare for delays

Such divorces usually take longer than normal. The uncooperative individual might miss deadlines, refuse to provide necessary documents or fail to appear for meetings. While frustrating, awareness of these possibilities can reduce stress.

Focus on personal needs

Throughout this challenging time, one must remember the importance of self-care. Dealing with a troublesome spouse is likely to take a toll. It helps to engage in activities that are relaxing or rejuvenating. Support from friends, family or professionals may also reduce the emotional strain of the split.

Divorcing an uncooperative spouse requires a mountain of patience and determination. While the journey may be difficult, the experience is temporary and the final result will be freedom from an untenable relationship.

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