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Three challenges of a hit-and-run bicycle accident

Being struck by a car while cycling is a traumatic experience that can have lifelong implications. This can be even more daunting when the driver who hits you flees the scene. You may feel overwhelmed, scared and unsure of what steps to take next. While you have the right to fight for the compensation you deserve, a hit-and-run bicycle case can have several challenges. Here are three roadblocks to watch out for.

Collecting evidence

A significant hurdle in hit-and-run cases is gathering sufficient evidence. If you are able, take photos of the scene, your injuries and any damage to your bicycle after the incident. These will be crucial pieces of evidence. Additionally, witnesses can play a critical role. Try to get their contact information so that you can reach them for testimonies. Surveillance cameras from nearby businesses or homes might have also captured the accident, providing valuable footage. If you have a mounted action camera on your bike, make sure to save that footage as well.

Uninsured motorist coverage

Another challenge is securing compensation when the driver is unknown. This is where uninsured motorist coverage becomes crucial. If you have auto insurance, check your policy to see if it includes uninsured motorist coverage. This can cover your medical bills and other expenses. Uninsured motorist coverage can be a lifeline in hit-and-run cases.

Filing a police report

Filing a police report is essential yet can be challenging, especially if you are in shock or severely injured. The report serves as an official record of the accident and is vital when dealing with insurance companies. When you can, immediately provide the police with all the information you collected. The report could also help identify the driver.

Your legal options

Understanding your legal options can be overwhelming. It is crucial to consult with a personal injury attorney to help clarify your rights and identify the best course of action. They can assist in dealing with insurance companies and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. In some cases, they might even help in identifying the driver through various investigative methods.

Hit-and-run bicycle accidents present numerous challenges, but you do not have to face them alone. With the right information and support, you can manage this difficult time more effectively. Remember, your safety and well-being are the top priorities.

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