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Will a divorce impact your plans for retirement?

Most people who are getting ready to go through a divorce in Maryland have numerous concerns. Chief among the concerns are likely to be those issues that will have an immediate impact on life, such as child custody, child support, alimony and property division. However, it never hurts to think long-term. For example, how will a divorce impact your plans for retirement?

A recent news article discussed this issue and noted that, among the primary impacts of a divorce on retirement, plans may need to be pushed back. How long? Well, that depends, as every divorce is different, as are the retirement accounts and other assets that will be involved in each case. But, as the recent article noted, a divorce can set people back, in financial terms, so it may take longer to save the required amount of funds for retirement that you set as a goal.

Will "virtual visitation" be a part of your child custody plan?

Our readers in Maryland who are going through a child custody dispute in the family law courts understand how important this issue can be to the overall good of the children and the parents involved.

In many cases, both parents want what is right for the child in question, but they disagree on what that is. So, some situations call for creative solutions. "Virtual visitation" may be part of that solution.

There are a lot of drunk drivers in Maryland

If you're one of many Maryland drivers who commute to and from work every day, you likely know what it's like to be in bumper-to-bumper traffic at 4 p.m. when all you really want is to get home for supper. In addition to congested roadways, there are many dangers lurking every time you get behind the wheel. In this state and most others, one of the greatest menaces to traveler safety is drunk driving.

Just because you drink a beer or glass of wine then drive a car, it doesn't necessarily mean you are breaking the law. As a licensed driver, you're obligated to adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations and to make responsible choices regarding alcohol consumption. Not everyone does, however, which is why it pays to know the signs of drunk driving. It might help you avoid disaster.

The right approach to property division in Maryland

Although any divorce has the potential to get bogged down with complicated issues, the issue of property division can be a problem in almost every case. Even when the divorcing couple is amicable enough to realize that it makes more sense to try to reach an out-of-court agreement that addresses all of the issues in the case, property division can be a tough issue to overcome. But, with the right approach, divorcing couples in Maryland can get through even this difficult part of a divorce case.

But, what is the right approach? It can differ on a case-by-case basis. Out-of-court negotiations are one option, while in other cases the issue is so contentious that all-out courtroom litigation is the only option. No matter which approach is right for your case, protecting your rights is crucial.

Man dies when struck by suspected drunk driver in Maryland

It is a harrowing experience to have your car break down and find yourself on the side of the road. It can be even worse when you are stuck on the side of the interstate, with vehicles passing by at high rates of speed. The obvious danger when these elements coincide can lead to deadly results.

According to reports, this very scenario occurred recently near I-695 and I-95 in Maryland. The reports indicate that a man was near his disabled vehicle in the shoulder lane on September 26 during the morning commute hours when he was struck by a white Ford van being driven by a 26-year-old man. The collision caused the pedestrian's death. The pedestrian was 29 years old.

Exploring options to avoid litigation in a divorce case

Our readers in Maryland know that getting a divorce can be a complicated legal process. For most couples who are going through the divorce process, there are issues involving property division, alimony, child custody and child support that typically need to be addressed. Although the facts of any given divorce case will be vastly different, the issues are largely the same in most cases.

In recognizing the issues that must inevitably be addressed, some couples approach divorce cases with an eye on potentially reducing their costs and stress levels by, if possible, avoiding litigation. Let's face it: most people have never seen the inside of a courtroom before, and the experience can be intimidating, especially when it is the details of your life on the line. As a result, some couples look to mediation or arbitration to sort through their divorce cases.

Taking action in a domestic violence situation

It is a sad reality that domestic violence and abuse is far too common in America, and Maryland is not immune to these types of situations. Every couple has their problems, but there is simply no place for violence in a home. When a domestic violence situation in Maryland does arise, people need to know that they are not without options.

For starters, those who have been the victim of domestic violence will likely want to take appropriate action. In many situations, that might mean pursuing a restraining order, which is also commonly referred to as a "protective" order. Such an order, issued by an appropriate court, is intended to prevent the subject of the order from contacting the alleged victim in any way, including by phone, email or in person.

Is co-parenting right for your family?

Compared with past generations, joint custody is far more popular among today's parents. While sharing physical custody is not the right choice for everyone in Maryland, research has shown that there are benefits to co-parenting. Even if you are still engaged in high levels of conflict with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you may be surprised to learn that co-parenting could still be a viable option.

A recent review of 54 studies determined that there are many benefits to co-parenting. The various studies looked at children whose parents shared custody as well as kids who only had one parent with physical custody. Ultimately, the children living in shared custody situations fared better after divorce.

How do you know who will get custody of the child?

Child custody issues can be some of the most heart-wrenching disputes in family law courts in Maryland. Whether the couple is married and going through a divorce, or if they were never married to begin with, sometimes in these types of disputes it can be easy to lose track of the idea that what the parties are really fighting over is what they believe is best for the child at issue. So, how do you know who will get custody of the child in one of these disputes?

Unless there are extreme or unusual circumstances, family law courts typical default to both parents having legal custody of the child, which means they will both have some input into the major decisions that will impact the child's life, such as where the child will attend school or church, or what type of medical care the child will receive. So, oftentimes these disputes are about who will get "physical" custody of the child and who will have visitation rights.

Accident in Maryland results in two fatalities

Our readers in Maryland know that, unfortunately, fatal motor vehicle accidents are all too common in America. The causes of these crashes vary, from drunk driving to distracted driving and even just plain speeding, among many other potential causes. Fatal motor vehicle accidents are oftentimes preventable tragedies.

In a recent fatal motor vehicle collision that occurred in Maryland, the cause was not immediately clear. According to recent reports, the collision occurred on July 27 around 7:30am near Bel Alton on Crain Highway. The reports indicate that a GMC Yukon slammed into the rear of a Toyota Corolla. It appears that there were two passengers in the Toyota in addition to the driver. Both passengers died in the collision, and the driver of the Toyota was transported for medical treatment. The driver of the Yukon, a 31-year-old man, was also injured in the collision and needed to be transported for medical treatment as well.

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