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The right approach to property division in Maryland

Although any divorce has the potential to get bogged down with complicated issues, the issue of property division can be a problem in almost every case. Even when the divorcing couple is amicable enough to realize that it makes more sense to try to reach an out-of-court agreement that addresses all of the issues in the case, property division can be a tough issue to overcome. But, with the right approach, divorcing couples in Maryland can get through even this difficult part of a divorce case.

But, what is the right approach? It can differ on a case-by-case basis. Out-of-court negotiations are one option, while in other cases the issue is so contentious that all-out courtroom litigation is the only option. No matter which approach is right for your case, protecting your rights is crucial.

The reality is that, oftentimes, divorcing couples have more assets and debts than they realize. This is one aspect of property division that can present complications. And then there is the issue of what is, and what is not, marital property. For example, if one of the soon-to-be ex-spouses came into the marriage with significant assets and kept those assets separate, the assets may not be part of the property division discussion at all.

At our law firm, we understand that divorcing couples want to get through the process as painlessly as possible. That is why we work with our clients in Maryland to try to understand their goals and what the best approach is for any given case. For more information, please visit the property division overview section of our law firm’s website.

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