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What is your plan for returning home after a brain injury?

Your recent personal injury resulted in a brain injury, and you feel ready to return to your Maryland home after recovering in the hospital. How prepared do you feel for the transition?

Brain Injury Association of America offers tips to help you set up your home. Make the necessary arrangements and adjustments to support the changes you experienced because of your injury.

Have a resiliency plan

Rather than wait to respond to hardships experienced after returning home, get ahead of depression, loneliness, isolation and all other negative emotions you may experience. Remaining patient with yourself is key, and so is allowing yourself to express your emotions in a healthy, productive way. Keep a journal of your physical, mental and emotional progress. Also, reach out to your family and friends and professionals for support.

Get your home ready

Maybe your injury resulted in major or minor physical limitations. If so, you may need to remodel your home to accommodate your new capabilities. Before you return home, ask your doctor and physical therapist what modifications you need. For instance, if you have trouble walking, you may need ramps at all your home’s entrances and exits. If you use a wheelchair, look into widening all doorways in your property so you easily glide through. Do you need help to get in and out of bed? Installing a ceiling lift makes the job easier, and it does not put your caregiver at risk of suffering a lifting injury. Replacing your current shower with a roll-in one allows you to take care of personal hygiene while remaining in your shower wheelchair.

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