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Your divorce, social media and three areas of concern

Perhaps you are among those who spend a good deal of time on social media keeping in touch with friends and family.

You may share information about your life on various social media platforms, but is this a good idea if you are facing divorce? Here three areas of concern.

Marital property information

Most couples dread the property division phase of their divorce. At that time, you must disclose your financial information. Property division will reveal what you and your soon-to-be-ex own both together and separately. What you post on social media could differ from the information you report to the court, creating serious problems you do not need.

Support responsibilities

The income you and your spouse earn figures into the amount of spousal support or child support payments awarded during the divorce. The court could question your income as a result of conflicting information you post on social media.

Decisions related to your children

When it comes to important child custody matters, the court will always prioritize the best interests of the child. The court may use your online posts in determining your ability to raise your child appropriately in a secure and loving environment. For example, a judge who sees the photo you posted in which you are partying with friends in Las Vegas may question your fitness as a parent.

The big picture

It is not unusual for information posted online to follow you into court. Remember that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and related sites are public platforms and anything you post could be used to your detriment in a divorce proceeding.


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