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The penalties for failing to pay child support

Whether you cannot pay child support and worry about the consequences you could face or your child’s other parent refuses to pay what they owe, it is crucial to understand how child support enforcement works. In Maryland, parents who fall behind on child support face a number of different penalties, depending on the amount of back support they owe.

Unpaid child support could disrupt your life in many different ways, from financial issues to high levels of anxiety. It is critical to understand your options and address this situation promptly.

Child support enforcement in Maryland

The Maryland Courts covers the various penalties that you could face if you do not pay child support on time. For example, you might lose your driver’s license or professional license, and back child support could affect lottery winnings and your tax refund. In addition, the state could report your name to credit bureaus and garnish your financial account.

In fact, you could even lose your passport and face the possibility of prison time if you do not stay current on your child support.

Handling child support concerns

If you have lost your job or have a hard time making child support payments for a different reason, it is pivotal to explore the options in front of you. Depending on your situation, you might have the opportunity to modify your child support order, making it easier to stay caught up. If you owe back child support, try your best to make payment arrangements and get caught up to avoid serious penalties.

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