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Speeding and motor vehicle collisions

When drivers go too fast, they significantly increase the chances of a traffic collision. People speed for numerous reasons, but there is no excuse for reckless behavior that causes serious injuries and deaths.

It is pivotal for drivers to go over statistics on speeding in order to understand the extent of this problem. Unfortunately, many people continue to ignore speed limits and place lives in danger.

Data on speeding accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shared information on speeding accidents. Based on their data, speeding played a role in accidents that left more than 308,000 people hurt in 2020, according to estimates. In fact, this represented 13% of all injuries people sustained in traffic collisions during 2020.

Statistics also reveal how many people die in speeding crashes. Sadly, speeding deaths went up 17% from 2019 to 2020. Throughout 2020, speeding caused over 11,250 people to lose their lives, accounting for 29% of all traffic crash deaths over the course of the year.

Reasons why speeding accidents keep happening

Drivers keep reaching dangerously high speeds for many reasons. Sometimes, a driver running late for work goes too fast, or someone who has to make it to an important appointment on time ignores the speed limit. Drivers also speed because of aggressive behavior and road rage, which can occur as a result of frustration over traffic congestion, a bad day at work and other issues.

When someone causes an accident because of speeding, they should face consequences if the crash leaves victims with devastating injuries.

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