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How can social media affect your divorce?

It can seem like almost everyone has some kind of social media account these days. Whether it is a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other account, pretty much every Maryland resident has an online presence. But, when a Towson area couple has decided to end their marriage and get a divorce, a social media account may lead to complications.

There are ways in which a social media account can lead to issues with a divorce proceeding. Many Towson area residents don’t consider their social media accounts to be a problem but there are ways in which these accounts can cause problems. One is that a social media account can provide evidence in court. Text messages, Facebook postings, etc. can be used as evidence to show what a person has done. A social media account can also hurt a child custody case. Especially if there are pictures or postings of one person being an excessive drinker if they are in charge of a child. Also, if a person isn’t careful, their social media posts may show hidden assets. It is important to not post about expensive vacations or new vehicles, etc. Finally, if a person is seen as dating by posting on social media or engaged in dating sites it can be evidence of cheating during the marriage.

Couples going through a divorce need to be especially careful with their social media account. It is best to use social media with the understanding that nothing is truly private. When a person is going through a divorce, their spouse or their attorney is most likely digging through their social media presence. A legal professional who specializes in personal injury can help their client with their divorce situation. They understand how important it is for their client to receive the best settlement possible so that they are able to start their new life on the right foot. An attorney can make sure their client’s reputation is protected and can advise their client on how best to manage their social media accounts.

A divorce is a stressful situation for everyone involved. It is important for those who are going through a divorce to minimize their time spent on social media in order to protect their future.

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