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What will courts consider when awarding child support?

Child support is often a necessary resource that allows parents to raise their child in a healthy, stable environment. After a divorce, the custodial parent can seek child support from the non-custodial parent. Parents seeking child support after a divorce as well as those who may be paying it need to understand how Maryland calculates how much child support will be paid.

The income shares model

In Maryland, the amount of child support awarded is determined using the income shares model. In calculating child support, each parent’s income will be considered in addition to how many children are being supported. The cost of health insurance, extraordinary medical expenses and the cost of daycare for the child may be considered. Any spousal support payments made may be considered as well, as may any child support payments made to support other children from a previous relationship.

Retroactive child support

Sometimes a custodial parent incurs costs relating to the child’s care before an award of child support is made. When this happens, the court may order payments to be made retroactively, going back to the date the request for support is filed. Similarly, if the non-custodial parent paid support after the request for support was filed but before a final order is made, they may receive credit for this support.

Fight for a fair amount of support

Ultimately, when parents in the Towson area divorce it is important that they both contribute financially to the child’s care. Child support is generally the means through which the non-custodial parent will contribute monetarily to the child’s care. This post does not contain legal advice, as every parent’s situation is different. It is important to fight for a fair amount of child support, for the child’s sake. Family law attorneys may be a useful resource in such situations.


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