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Getting Child Support Right Is Critical

The Law Office of Christine Saverda Nielson, P.A., in Towson, Maryland, has more than 20 years of experience navigating Maryland’s child support system on behalf of its clients.

Our experienced child support lawyer, Christine Saverda Nielson, is a Yale Law School graduate and a veteran litigator. She has successfully assisted clients in the Baltimore area and throughout the state in obtaining reasonable and fair child support amounts.

Child support can be a contentious issue for divorcing spouses and other parents who share responsibility for raising a child. Contact us today at 443-377-3043 to learn more about the process.

Protecting Your Rights When Determining What You Will Pay Or Receive

Maryland guidelines for child support are complex and account for several factors, including:

  • Gross income of the noncustodial and custodial parents
  • Supported children’s ages
  • Number of supported children
  • Medical, dental and other health care costs
  • Day care/child care costs

Although these and other guidelines are clear, there is room for interpretation. Child support amounts can vary depending on the facts and the ability of your lawyer to present those facts at a hearing.

Attorney Nielson can work to get you a fair child support amount, and if your circumstances change, to secure a modification of child support that meets your needs and the needs of your child. She has worked within the child custody and support system, and she has the knowledge and experience to assist you through the intricate steps of your case.

If you pay child support, attorney Nielson can examine your payment stubs and financial records to ascertain your ability to pay and your actual payments toward child support. If you seek to receive child support payments, she can review your circumstances and calculate the payments that are due to you. She will present you with options for pursuing enforcement of child support as necessary.

Regardless of your position in a child support case, she is prepared to zealously represent you in negotiations or in court.

We Work To Reach The Right Decisions Regarding Child Support

The Law Office of Christine Saverda Nielson works on behalf of parents and their children. If you need to establish child support or to modify the terms of a child support arrangement, contact the firm online or by calling 443-377-3043. Our office is in Towson, Maryland.