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You Can Lean On Us Following A Loved One’s Loss

Nothing compares to the pain of losing someone you love. It can be especially hard to process if their passing was caused by someone else’s negligence, indicating that the incident could have been avoided. In such a situation, you may find yourself caught between wanting to seek justice for your loved one and facing an unanticipated grieving process. While it isn’t possible to turn back time and prevent the accident from happening, it is still beneficial to reach out to a wrongful death lawyer who can help you navigate the overwhelming aftereffects of your loss.

Based in Towson, the Law Office of Christine Saverda Nielson, P.A., is experienced in handling wrongful death cases across Hartford County, Baltimore County and other surrounding counties in Maryland. As an advocate for providing personalized attention for her clients, attorney Christine Saverda Nielson understands that no two fatal accidents are the same, and that each client deserves individualized consideration in facing the unfavorable consequences of losing someone.

Customized Guidance For Your Individual Circumstances

While no death feels right, the legal term “wrongful death” specifically refers to one that was caused by neglect or harmful intentions. Whether the death was a result of a traffic accident, an act of medical negligence or something else that could have been averted, you may be entitled to filing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of your loved one. Doing so can help with both holding the liable party accountable as well as recovering financial compensation.

Although money is not an answer to losing a loved one, it can help with covering the drastic costs that often arise from unexpected deaths. When you have found yourself preparing for a funeral, having lost someone who was a crucial source of your financial support and well-being, Ms. Nielson is determined to do what it takes so that your most critical needs are met during this difficult time.

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The loss of an important person in your life inevitably brings about a great deal of emotional pain. Under such devastating circumstances, you can trust Christine Saverda Nielson to provide you with the legal representation you deserve so that you don’t have to face the outcomes of a wrongful death alone. To begin a conversation with the firm at no cost, call 443-377-3043 or fill out our online contact form.