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An Assertive Advocate In Medical Malpractice Cases

People trust doctors, nurses and other health care workers to help them when they are injured or sick. Nobody expects that these medical professionals will hurt them.

Nevertheless, medical negligence at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, long-term care facilities and other medical facilities is not uncommon. If a medical professional causes injury to a patient and is negligent in observing established medical standards, it is possible for that Maryland medical injury victim to seek compensation for his or her injuries and damages.

Consult An Experienced Plaintiffs’ Lawyer In Towson

At the Law Office of Christine Saverda Nielson, P.A., in Towson, Maryland, we fight on behalf of people in the Baltimore area. Our clients have been injured through the negligence of medical professionals. You can contact our experienced personal injury lawyer, Christine Saverda Nielson, for help getting justice and compensation for situations like:

  • Failures to diagnose serious medical conditions such as cancer
  • Surgical errors such as wrong-side operations, removing the wrong organ, perforating intestines and leaving surgical instruments in the body
  • Cosmetic surgery errors leading to disfigurement and scarring
  • Obstetrics injuries causing nerve damage, brain damage and other serious injuries to the child or mother, either before birth or during the birthing process
  • Medication errors by nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals leading to avoidable pain or disability
  • Anesthesia errors causing awareness during surgery, brain damage, coma, heart damage, paralysis or other injuries or unwanted effects
  • Postoperative negligence, including lack of attention to the deteriorating condition of a patient
  • Injuries caused or conditions undiscovered because of faulty medical equipment
  • Bad faith insurance claims, in which insurers refuse to pay for legitimate claims
  • Wrongful death claims resulting from medical negligence

Fighting Doctor Negligence, Nurse Negligence, Hospital Negligence

A veteran attorney who has practiced personal injury law since 1993, Ms. Nielson is a tenacious litigator and an accomplished professional who understands the law and its application in real life. She also understands medical terminology and procedures, as well as the tactics defendants in these cases use in court and in negotiations.

In developing a case, attorney Nielson reviews her client’s medical records carefully. Also, she enlists the expertise of medical experts, rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists and others to determine the extent of the client’s injuries and which parties are liable for those injuries. By doing this, she can provide any client an advantage in court or negotiation setting.

Contact An Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney To Request A Consultation

Retain the Law Office of Christine Saverda Nielson, P.A., and our experienced lawyer will listen to your concerns and work with you to reach your goals, whether in court or in negotiations. For more information or to schedule a consultation regarding your circumstances and options, contact the firm online or by calling 443-377-3043.