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Factors Maryland considers when awarding child custody

Unless you and your ex are in agreement about custody and parenting time after you split, you may need to have Maryland’s family court system come up with a custody agreement on your family’s behalf. When making decisions about child custody, expect the court to make decisions it feels are in your child’s best interests.

Per the Maryland Courts, the state may consider joint custody arrangements when possible and appropriate so that your child has a better shot at maintaining strong relationships with both parents. The state may also take the following into account when deciding where your child should live and when.

His or her own preferences

While an infant or toddler may not be able to voice his or her preferences about where to live, older children may have a chance to vocalize their thoughts about where they want to live moving forward.

The fitness of each parent

The court may also consider whether you and your ex both have what it takes to parent your child in terms of maturity, responsibility, finances and so on.

The existing relationships between parent and child

The existing relationships you and your ex have with your shared child may also come into play during custody proceedings. For example, if you have a strong relationship with your child and your ex barely spends any time with him or her, this may work to your advantage in a custody case.

While these are some of the variables Maryland courts consider when deciding where your child should live, please note that many other areas may also undergo consideration.

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