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Custody is complex not only because it is an emotional issue for most parents but also because custody choices during an initial divorce typically set the groundwork for future decisions. In the simplest terms possible: parents could have the option to prevent future complications by doing some of the work ahead of time.

Specifically, a divorce with specific, appropriate child custody terms, often makes future modifications easier. This article will look at what a modification is and why it could make sense to prepare for one.

Divorce modifications

Modifying a divorce is what people do when the original terms of the agreement no longer make sense in the current situation. This happens most frequently when one of the parents has something unexpected happen in their lives.

For example, a parent might want to move away to pursue a job opportunity. This could make many of the terms in a standard child custody agreement impractical or impossible to follow.

Setting the groundwork the first time

The custody order is a document that often has an effect on a family’s life for many years to come. However, because there are many types of divorce — and because most people approach each type in a way that is unique to their situation and experience level — custody might not receive the attention that it deserves.

Depending on a parent’s strategy for the future, there are a variety of terms that might be advantageous to try to include in the custody agreement. This includes planning for potential modifications — but careful planning might even make some common modifications unnecessary by predicting and addressing the situation.

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