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What to know about modifying child custody

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

Life changes quickly, especially for parents. You see your child develop distinct personalities and perspectives on the world around them. And it’s not a surprise to see changes in your own life, whether it’s a new relationship, job or environment.

Many parents find changes influence their child’s life as much as their own. It makes it crucial to ask for a modification to child custody before your former partner argues against it in the courtroom.

The challenges of changes

While changes to custody agreements may seem necessary to you, the court may not agree depending on the state. In Maryland, the state considers several factors when evaluating a child’s best interests, including the current plans, arguments and the proposed changes. Then the judge decides what modifications are necessary.

While it’s intimidating to propose significant modifications to a parenting arrangement, there are t may agree to changes, including:

  • You are moving out of Maryland for a new job, and you want access to your child through visitation or relocation.
  • You lost your job and cannot afford the current child support payment. Or your spouse may make a more substantial income due to a new job or position.
  • You worked through a treatment program or court orders and wanted to increase your role in your child’s life.
  • Your former spouse, or their associates, is neglecting or abusing your child. You want the child to live with you for their safety.

The court recognizes that circumstances change over time, and they want to work with parents to provide the best life for the child. You will need strong evidence or arguments to earn the custody your child deserves.

If you are concerned about standing in front of a judge, discuss the changes with your co-parent first. You may find another option that works best for your family in the long term.

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